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Scaffolding Contractor in Huddersfield | Preparing for Your Project

Planning is a crucial stage of any construction project and it is important to consider the need for scaffolding contractors at this point. Before your project begins, think about the scaffolding services you may require throughout construction, and the companies which provide them. Experienced in domestic and commercial scaffolding, we deliver professional solutions to sites across Huddersfield and Leeds, including safety netting services.

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When considering requirements for your project, it is important to bear the following elements in mind:


The Right Company


Working at a height can be considerably dangerous, so it is vital to hire a reputable company to ensure the safety of everyone on site. You also need to be able to trust them to work within budget and to schedule.


With 50 years of shared experience, we know exactly how to provide ideal scaffolding services. We strive to put our customers at ease, working in full compliance with Health & Safety legislation, as well as holding CSCS accreditation for our commercial and domestic scaffolding and safety netting options.


Our team of expert scaffolding contractors regularly undergo in-house training to guarantee we are always delivering the highest standards of safety and workmanship.


Health & Safety Plans


Legal and effective health and safety plans are a key factor of professional scaffolding services. We ensure appropriate measures are in place to prevent accidents and injuries on your site in Huddersfield.


As well as providing specialist safety netting, we undertake regular inspections of our materials. Whether you need commercial or domestic scaffolding, our team carries out checks before assembly, after dismantling and every 7 days whilst structures are erect.


Our materials adhere to all relevant British Standards, and our services are designed around the Work at Height Regulations 2005.


Project Needs


The type of scaffolding you need depends on your project. For example, roofing and building require different structures for the specific requirements of each job. Experienced in delivering commercial scaffolding, we advise on the most appropriate solutions for each job.


Customers should also consider the scope of their project. Will our scaffolding contractors need to move structures around during construction? Where is the best place for domestic scaffolding to go? Do platforms need to be able to handle weight from additional equipment or workers?


These factors help us provide the most suitable and effective domestic and commercial scaffolding services in Huddersfield and the surrounding areas.